Why Poured Concrete?

Read these reasons why poured concrete construction is the best option in modern building, from the Concrete Foundations Association of North America (

Benefits of Poured Concrete Foundations

Poured concrete walls provide builders and owners with stronger, drier, better basements. They offer performance that block walls simply can’t match, at a competitive price.

Poured walls have a compressive and flexural strength several times that of block and far beyond the required safety factor.

Water Resistance:
The increased strength, density, and joint-free construction of poured walls dramatically reduce basement water problems. A water-tight basement means less call backs for the builder or developer… less warranty problems.

Fire Resistance:
Solid wall construction affords at least twice as much protection against fire as hollow core concrete block.

Design Flexibility:
Poured wall techniques are adaptable to most home designs and offer the choice of either brick or smooth finishes.

Maintenance Ease:
Poured wall construction is virtually maintenance free.

The Durability of Concrete

Concrete does crack and sometimes it leaks. That is the reality, but it doesn’t always happen. However, if water issues do arise, we have the equipment and supplies to fix them from the inside. The use of epoxies makes this possible without the mess of digging up the outside.

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